Flourless Birthday Muffins

Yesterday was my birthday! I had such a beautiful day doing all the things I love. First up, quiet reading, reflection and meditation. This is my favorite way (and really the only way) to start the day.
Julian wanted to go to breakfast, but it was low tide and the beach was calling my name.
My Beach

It was such a spectacular day! Flat beach, sunshine, minimal wind. And I was able to run without pain!! Honestly, this was the best birthday gift I could have ever received.

In the past, I would have looked forward to cake (specifically Costco Cake) and ice cream, but I’ve come to the realization that I can’t abuse my body anymore. And let’s face it, I can’t burn off those calories quickly like I used to.

However, I still wanted some type of treat. The idea for my Flourless Birthday Muffins came to me during a swim. And I wanted Julian to be able to have some as well, so I made them with Sunbutter. They have no eggs, added sugar, flour or nuts. We thoroughly enjoyed this little birthday treat:) And it got me in the kitchen for a bit;)

Later that evening, Julian and I went to the San Diego Symphony Summer Concert Series to see the 1812 Tchaikovsky Spectacular. This is the last weekend for the concert series and they go out with a BANG! Literally, there were cannons and fireworks firing during the last piece.
The Summer Pops Venue

Music, boats, water, stars, cannons, fireworks. It was a magical evening!
The Marina

Flourless Birthday Muffins


Makes 12 mini Muffins
Flourless Birthday Muffins



    • 1 Ripe banana, mashed
    • 1/2 c Sunbutter (or Nutbutter of choice)
    • 1/4 tsp Baking Powder
    • 1 Flax Egg (1 tbsp ground Flax mixed with 3 tbsp filtered water)
    • Chocolate Chips (optional) I use these: Enjoy Life Chocolate Chips




  • Preheat oven to 400 degrees
  • Mash banana
  • Mix Sunbutter, flax egg, and Baking Powder into the mashed banana
  • Stir until combined
  • Transfer to a well coated mini muffin tin
  • Bake 15-18 minutes
  • When the muffins come out, sprinkle chocolate chips on top.


“When it comes to staying young, a mind-lift beats a face-lift any day.” ~Marty Bucella

Keep Well,